Clean-up of illegal dump at Grandote Peaks underway

By Cathy Mullens –(Published: July 13, 2017) According to the administrator at the closed Grandote Peaks Golf Course and Country Club, the illegal dump site on the course is being cleaned up.

Kelly Popejoy told The Signature Newspaper on Wednesday that two dump truck loads have been removed from the site and she is awaiting a “roll off”, a large trash container, to complete the clean up.

She said she received the notice of a violation from Huerfano County Land Use Administrator Steve Channel and has been in contact with John Martinez of the Huerfano/Las Animas Health Department concerning the clean up.

Martinez said he visited the site on June 29, assessed the situation and said it was clear there was an illegal dump operating at the closed golf course. He said it was also evident Popejoy had been working on the site, getting it cleaned up and in piles.

On July 11 Martinez said Popejoy has asked for more time to complete the clean up, as she is waiting for the “roll off” container. He said he communicated that to Channel.

As for Channel, he says he doesn’t have confirmation Popejoy ever received his registered letter, informing her she had 10 days to clean up the illegal dump so he can’t say the time limit is up. Ten business days from the date of the letter would have been July 7. The next move for Channel, if he is not convinced the problem is being eliminated, will be to issue a criminal summons into county court.

Popejoy says she is working together with Martinez to get the refuse from the area and he will communicate with Channel. “There was no paint, nothing hazardous at the site,” she said. She says she has closed off any access to the site and all gates to the area are locked.