Hemp grow approved just west of La Veta

By David Rinehart –(Published: June 15, 2017) The Huerfano Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a permit for a new hemp grow that will be located just within the Town of La Veta’s three mile plan boundary off County Road 450 west of town.

“We’re going to convert the barn into a nursery for seedlings, then transfer the plants to about a one acre piece of ground outside,” Acme Hemp Co. representative Keith Bouchard explained.

“This year will be a test plot. We’ll be using drip irrigation and trying to figure out how much water we’ll need,” Bouchard said.

The town sent a letter to the county regarding the permit, dated May 15, which states, “The Town of La Veta has concerns that the conversion of this parcel will adversely affect the status of the area and ultimately be detrimental to the quality of life, economic stability and the well-being of the citizens of La Veta.”

“We’re not authorizing any sort of permanent facility that would impact the three mile plan,” Commissioner Max Vezzani said as he made the motion to approve the permit.