Spring runoff floods Cuchara neighborhoods

Residential roads in the Cuchara area were flooded by runoff from the Cucharas River last Friday morning, which overflowed ponds. The intersection of Lake St. and Lake Rd. was under water.

By Renee Rinehart –(Published: June 15, 2017) Resident Bob Woederhoff informed the CS&WD board members that roads and yards are flooding. He said it starts above the ponds. “The outlet can’t handle the amount of water. The culvert is not blocked. We just need a backhoe to get the water flowing back into the river. He said he called Huerfano County, but they can’t help with flooding on private property. “It’s a simple fix,” Woederhoff said, “I need someone to take care of it.”

Help soon arrived when CS&WD allowed Jim Van Lue to use their backhoe and he managed to get the water flowing back into the Cucharas River.