State Board orders take over at Re-1 Peakview School

By David Rinehart –(Published: June 15, 2017) Generation Schools Network (GSN) will exercise final decision making authority over Peakview School during the next two years, according to the final written determination of the Colorado State Board of Education made yesterday at a meeting in Denver.

The contract between the Re-1 school district and GSN, approved unanimously by the board Tuesday with members Sherry Gomez and Dorothy Martinez absent, specifies payments to GSN totaling $89,500 for 2017-18 and $59,500 for 2018-19. Re-1 Superinten-dent Michael Moore told the school board at their regular meeting Tuesday the district will be applying for grant funding from the state, up to $60,000 per year, to help pay GSN.

The final determination says, “the State Board orders that the contract with GSN specifically grant GSN formal, whole-system decision-making authority in the following areas…school climate and culture, academic systems, professional development, continuous improvement of school improvement strategies. In addition the State Board orders that the contract with GSN grant GSN shared decision-making authority over talent management.”

The contract with GSN addresses the order by granting GSN unlimited decision-making authority for Peakview.

In addition to the issues with Peakview, the district entered it’s first year of “Accredited with Priority Improvement Plan” status and as a consequence has to contract with the State Board of Education for accreditation every year for up to five years. After five years in this, or lower, performance standard the state can remove the district accreditation.