Town’s water not needed for fracking

By Cathy Mullens –(Published: June 15, 2017) The issue that had people packing town hall last week is now moot; another water source has been found by the energy company and their plans continue.

So, La Veta won’t be receiving $75,000 for selling three million gallons of water to Alta Mesa Holdings, an energy exploration company. But Mayor Doug Brgoch told members of La Veta’s town board at Tuesday night’s all-committee meeting he has not been contacted again by AMH after letting them know the price of the water would be going up.

He said “unofficially” he’s heard the energy group out of Houston, Texas has found another water source and they’re getting it at a fraction of what they offered to pay the town.

So, those who are concerned that fracking will occur in Huerfano County may still have that reality to deal with because although the town isn’t selling them any water, someone has apparently agreed to do so.