Two men stabbed in La Veta on Saturday night

By Cathy Mullens –(Published: August 31, 2017) Sirens broke the silence Saturday evening around 10:30 p.m. as two bloody men were discovered lying on the floor of a house on Virginia St.

Marshal Harold Willburn told The Signature Newspaper both men, Marlin Crockett and Mike Williams, suffered life threatening knife wounds.

They were transported to Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center by ambulance and Williams was sent Flight for Life to Parkview in Pueblo for further medical attention. Crockett was reportedly treated and released.

The incident was discovered when a woman who was working at “the Farm” on Virginia St. came by to feed the chickens, according to Willburn. She saw the front door of the house open and went in to tell the people inside why she was there.

Upon discovery of the bloody scene, she allegedly called the owners of the home, Matthew and Kristina Heim. They called 911 and help arrived.

Willburn said one of the men had a knife in his hand and both were bleeding profusely. Neither of the men gave a coherent version of what occurred. The marshal said it appeared the men had been drinking and illegal drugs may also be involved.

He said there was no one else at the residence and there is no risk to the public at large.

Deputy Marshal Jim Chamberlain was the first on scene and deputies from the Huerfano County Sheriff’s Office also responded.  Marshal Willburn planned to interview Williams in Pueblo on Monday.

The property, owned by the Heim’s, has been the subject of recent controversy in town. In May of this year, Kristina Heim told town trustees the farm operation, which was reportedly in violation of town zoning regulations, was moving out of town.

But according to other sources, the farm is back in operation and is the source of produce for the “farm to table” restaurant “Cowgirl Cantina”, operated in La Veta by Kristina Heim.

While she told the town board the farming operation would be located at L & M Ranch near La Veta, reportedly that arrangement did not work out and produce is now coming from the “farm” in town.

Willburn said the investigation into the stabbing incident continues.