Walsenburg city council approves Martra’s first marijuana growing tenant

By David Rinehart –(Published: June 22, 2017) The first greenhouse to be built on Martra Operating Partnership LP (Martra) property in Walsenburg was approved by council at their regular meeting Tuesday.

Spanish Peaks Growth Alliance, LLC Owner Judy Marquez attended the public hearing Tuesday night to answer any questions about her development. “We’ve applied for a commercial green house and auxiliary building,” Marquez said.

Martra purchased 332.54 acres of the Walsenburg East Ranch, all north of Highway 10 and east of Interstate 25, in October 2015 for $1,940,436 in total payments over the next 10 years.

Spanish Peaks Growth Alliance, LLC’s application is for a “Tier 1” Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility, which is for 1,800 or fewer plants. Marquez said she plans to grow her business in the future, depending on sales.

According to the application, the new development will consist of a 14,760 square foot greenhouse and a 3,600 square foot ancillary building. Marquez applied for and council approved, a water tap and septic tank. The location is more than 1,500 feet away from the nearest sewer line, so it qualifies to ask for a septic tank. Public Works Director David Harriman confirmed the water service will have to be extended from Stacy Drive.

Martra Representative Brian Trani said that although the force main sewer line from Northlands was built to accommodate a tap for Martra, it did not make sense to make that connection for this small operation.

Trani indicated he is meeting with the city and with representatives of the company looking to lease the bigger piece of Martra property this week.  In fact, Trani expected council to take action Tuesday amending the Promissory Note and Water and Sewer Agreement with the city – changes he says he needed to accommodate the possible transaction. Council removed the items from the agenda as they did not have copies of the changes for review.