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The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

It is also utilized to treat specific diseases. It’s basically the same thing as recreational marijuana, however it’s taken to treat medical conditions and has distinct results on your body taking both. They can aid in certain conditions like nausea or pain management from cancer treatments among other ailments. To help humans, in terms of the effects it has on them marijuana is the one that has been the most researched natural substance. The THC (a psychoactive chemical), cannabidiol and CBD have been the most studied and isolated. They do not cause altered state sensations , like “highs” but instead help to relieve symptoms like anxiety, pain, and calmness.

What is medical marijuana’s purpose?

Researchers are studying whether medical marijuana can help in the treatment of a range of conditions which include:

– Anxiety Disorder

– Amyotrophic lateral degeneration

– Autism

– Remission Therapy for cancer

– Crohn’s Disease

– Nerve tissue damage of the central nervous system (brain-spinal cord) that is accompanied by a neurological manifestation of spasticity intractable and neuropathies that are associated with it.

– Dyskinetic and spastic movements disorders

– Epilepsy

– Glaucoma


– Huntington’s Disease

What can it do?

Medical marijuana can contain many various chemical components. Cannabinoids are just one group of compounds found in this plant and can provide many advantages for humans too! The cannabinoids are able to interact in multiple ways with our bodies. For instance, they can reduce inflammation, anxiety, and pain. They also aid in the control of nausea due to cancer chemotherapy treatments. The research continues to discover how medical marijuana functions.

Medical marijuana can help seizures?

In light of increasing evidence that individuals are successfully reducing seizures with the special type of medical marijuana, FDA approved Epidiolex — an extract made from CBDfor treating patients with severe or difficult to treat illnesses. Some of those who were treated with the drug experienced significant reductions in seizures. Additionally, they reported substantial improvements in other measures including alertness and quality of life. While medical marijuana comes with its hazards, it could provide some relief to those who haven’t been able to avail traditional therapies.

FDA has approved medical marijuana

Since the beginning medical marijuana has long been a controversial topic. While some believe it has medical benefits, while others worry about the potential for abuse however, there are some who do not agree with this view. Medical marijuana is backed by growing evidence. FDA also approved two manufactured cannabinoid medicines, Drobinol (Marinol Syndros, and Nesamet) These are prescribed for nausea relief following chemotherapy. Additionally, the FDA recently approved a drug which contains a purified form of CBD, a substance found in cannabis plants. The medication is prescribed for seizures associated with two rare and severe types of epilepsy. Although more research is required to understand the full scope of the medical benefits that come from cannabis, these latest developments suggest that medical marijuana may one day play a significant role in treating a wide range of illnesses. Although there are still many questions surrounding medical marijuana, it’s important to remember that medical marijuana can help patients with serious medical conditions.

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