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Things You Probably Don’t Know About Lightsabers

The lightsaber, among the most famous weapons from science fiction is also a standard item in Star Wars. The glowing blade is able to cut through almost any material and makes a cool sound when you move your version. The fascinating story of these toys is interesting. They were made for film use however, they also serve to be toys for kids who want to emulate their fighting skills at home.

There are many stories to tell about the Lightsaber’s history. It’s been used in many combats. As technology advances and technology improves, it transforms from simple to more sophisticated designs. But, certain aspects weren’t included in the official canon even though they were described elsewhere, including information about what color the lightsabers should have according to the planet or galaxy that they come from. This is likely due to Lucasfilm would not like to make mistakes in its universe. However, there are still many who would like to know everything and I’ll gladly answer any questions.

They were Originally Created by the Dark Side

The light sabers we have come to love might have been precursors of something more powerful. However, force sabers were designed by Force Hounds working for an Infinite Empire. These dark energy-focused crystals were used as weapons throughout their lives prior to when they were transformed into what we know as “lightsaber blades”.

Due to their links to the Dark Side of The Force A lot of people on the light side were reluctant and even more so, since a Force Saber’s connection was just too strong. These weapons could turn users a fighter against evil.

There are many different swords

The lightsaber’s shape is that of a sword, there are a variety of variations. One example is called the “lightship”, which makes use of strands instead of just one emitter on each end.

Batteries are needed for the First Lightsabers

The original lightsabers of the past were like the ones we’ve today. The battery pack wasn’t efficient and would warm up and emit hot wires, which isn’t surprising given the history behind this weapon in ancient times.

The Sith were determined to once more advance lighting technology by creating an efficient power source for their lightsabers. It could be kept inside the handle.

A Lightsaber can cut through nearly everything

A lightsaber can be used for cutting through almost anything. Like any other tool or weapon it’s potential victims, particularly those who oppose to the use of these lightsabers, will do their best to avoid getting damaged by this source of power.

Mandalorian iron bounty hunters can pick from a range of materials. One of these materials is Cortosis, which can shorten lightsabers. But it’s to be harmful for humans, which is why they can be made into armor. Phrik could also be resistant to swords from lightsaber blades but does nothing on them.

Amphibious Races Faced A Challenge With Lightsabers

Although there’s nothing that can stop a lightsaber, it is important to know that water is one thing they need to be wary of. Even a few drops of rain won’t cause harm as the weapon could steam and then sizzle in the event that it was exposed to its skin layer for too long before being immersed in liquid form , this time more securely covering up all signs of destruction until next time.

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